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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  July 16, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> thank you for having us. >> and we know the end of the lockup. >> we know that to be next week. was is this necessary? i am hearing this will be a 10- year agreement. good news for football fans. was this propaganda or did this happen? it was necessary. the owners are not going to save money and keep more for themselves. they're not keeping it all for themselves. this is -- there is a lot of operational expenses year round and people forget about. >> right. >> and this was necessary. how much they will get back and that is to be damaged. >> nothing's going to fall through the cracks now, right in. and this is looks like it's going to get done. no football was going to be mixed. people can say that they got it done in time and the product may suffer. you have missed otas and miniicals and free agencies that take a couple of months. going to take a couple of weeks
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and you can have veterans in the clubs and that is going to hander and this is going to be a distant memory and that was really the big question. >> and we don't have to talk about that anymore, gentlemen. we can get back down to the tax, the redskins and what is going to happen when the lockout ends? and to it, who is the starting quarterback, gentlemen and -- >> i have a sneaking feeling that for the first time this week, i heard someone out of the park was -- and that is not a guaranteed deal. watch out. if rex is here, rex will win the job out of camp with a shortened work head per -- period here because he has more game experience in the system. he's been in the system longer, and by the biweek, after week 4 and early this year, i think john beck is going into the bi
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or after the bi. >> and initially the man is going with sexy rexy for the record. and grant paulson, what say you? and i don't have cool anything. i think that everything he had an opportunity to do, he had. whether that is male playbooks and a place to rooky to prepare. you see them here on the practice feel. and hopesd -- he was the guy to go to player's houses and to see who did what right and wrong and has to prove the first time he can play a high level of the national football league. >> sure. >> and all things off the feel, he has. mike shanahan despises turnovers and wants a quarterback who is going to protect the football and that is something rex did blessman has not done. when he was the starter, if you extrapolate his ratio of turnovers over 16 games, that
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is a 37-turnover season. >> good map there. >> i appreciate that. there is no doubt that rex has to cut down the turnovers and have to remember the significant input and mike sky, i think rexi is the kyle guy. >> and either said he is the quarterback. is that correct? and i think he's going to be around in camp for few weeks. >> and when we come back, i want to get -- and can an american say justin johnson win over there? and i know you're getting up every morning. highlights are coming up next.  the kincaids live here.
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>> welcome back to the show. the third round of the british open at royal saint georges in sandwich, england. the american looking for his first major championship, and this is the long birdie on 12 and to 4-under. johnson with the final round in second place, one stroke behind this man. gavin clark enjoying the nice beverage and the nice putt. at 5-under par and, yes, the 42- year-old from nowhere ireland is your 54-hole leader. i asked you quickly, who is your winner for the british open? >> i have to go with the guy that enjoys a good beer. >> darren clash. >> -- clark.
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>> rickey fouler. >> real? >> three shots off of the lead. >> i want someone who wears a 59-50 and a flat bridge hat to within a major event. >> very good, i have seen you at redskins park for years and albert heche esworth and when it comes to, you know -- haines worth. look at jimenez, you can to this? can albert haines worth do this in. >> i can't do that. >> watch the knees. oh. and i don't know on i have seen them on a saturday night in georgetown. >> and -- to pass the redskins conditioning test. >> without going to the bathroom. and that is -- . >> that is the big question. >> we kid about big al and we wonder, will he be on the opening day roster? >> i believe he will; however, that is incorporating being possibly suspended by the league or team for conduct detrimental to the team or the personal conduct policy of the nfl. and there is -- . >> to be the rights of the
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redskins on september 11th. let's put it that way. >> i don't think he will be. it would be just a tumultuous way to begin. >> and they can't condition continue -- continue to. either guy for the half few seasons now have held this team host an. mike shanahan is about sending messages and needs to send this one and say thanks but no thanks. >> and you think he might be on the opening day roster and to find a way to move him in. >> i think, unless they get a team that knocks their socks off. >> and the only team that is philadelphia and on the trade deadline, mid-october and they have to go through reverse order of labors, worse to first and thatp likely and like what happened to shawn merry man cut loose from san diego and went to buffalo. >> final word? >> and at this point, you can't
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hold out for the right deal. that ship is sold and this is in town long enough. if the redskins want to be series, you need to focus on the field and not your locker room and that may mean releasing them out j. interesting stuff and you not done. one segment to go and when we return, the nationals in action tonight. can they get out of their own way? and in hotlanta. next. 
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welcome back to the show. the nats in atlanta tonight. john is a pitcher and can hit. helping the cause with the bases, the two-run score, nats up 3-0 and 3-2, and here's the offense and insurance from ramos, a 2-run jack. the nats in hotlanta, 5-2 and in their losing skill. making grant happy. -- chris, from espn 980 to my inside and gentlemen, let's get to rapid-fire questions for the washington redskins. number one, the position that needs to be addressed the most? >> i still say quarterback. >> you want to run a 34, start up. >> neither one of you said quarterback. interesting. >> the biggest free agent
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acquisition. by name, sidney royce. >> really? not san toneio holmes? >> i will go abreu franklin. tackle san francisco and filling the biggest needs. >> you have done your homework. >> the biggest man from last year's roster not on this year's roster with free agency and carlos rogers, santana moss. >> santana moss. >> will not be back? >> will not. >> carlos rogers is not playing for this team. >> gray with that, too. >> and they don't feel like paying together the money to come back. >> and i think santana coming off of most catches in the career slot, you know, he's lost the home run threat and i think he will find the team in a contract with more to offer than the redskins. >> and rogers is looking for a bigger payday and going to give the copper replacement. >> will the redskins bring in a free agent quarterback? >> they will bring one in, whether young or jackson and -- from delaware. >> real quick? >> it's going to be a third guy who helped them out in training camp to compete.
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behind rex growsman and beck. >> and thank you. good night,en blah. good night, everybody.


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